Bridgestone’s passion for excellence is the reason we use Blizzak winter tires exclusively. The latest edition of the Blizzak snow and ice tire gives you confidence in both freezing and melting conditions. Exclusive multiple Bridgestone technologies work together to further enhance grip in severe ice and snow conditions. These premium studless tires afford maximum grip to ensure that you are ready for whatever winter puts in your way.  www.bridgestonetire.com


One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, Toyota is the official supplier of a wide range of brand new specially equipped Toyota vehicles for the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. www.toyota.com


The Center for Driving Sciences is a team of driving professionals working together to create on-road and performance solutions for drivers, manufacturers, and government entities.


Hella provides world-class aftermarket and special OE (original equipment) lighting solutions for automotive, marine, and heavy-duty/industrial applications. Hella lighting is used on select Bridgestone Winter Driving School support and transport equipment for the utmost in nighttime safety and illumination.  www.myhellalights.com

“Please let Gary and Lea know that I flew home to CA on Sunday, and I came into the exact situation that Lea drilled us on in the driving course. I was driving the appropriate, speed as Gary instructed, which gave me time to react and plan. I did what Lea taught; it was a reflex! I couldn’t believe it. Please tell Gary and Lea thank you!!! Already saved me and my kids from a wreck the next day!!”