Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

If you want to improve your driving skills, start a pro driving career, or are a pro looking to add new skills, the Bridgestone Winter Driving School is absolutely the best place to learn. The top drivers in Drifting, Rally and most every form of road racing have something in common: they have trained on ice and snow. These drivers know that poor driving technique is magnified by slippery surfaces – make a mistake and you are off the road. When you master driving on ice, every other surface becomes that much easier to handle.

Driving on ice allows you to feel how weight transfer affects the behavior of a vehicle and how it leads to skids. Here at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School, we can teach you how to correct those skids and, most importantly, how to use weight transfer to your benefit in every situation. Training on ice, unlike pavement, allows you to feel the movement of the car with a higher level of timing, sensitivity and precision. A car is just a tool which responds directly to the input of the operator. If you want to become a master craftsman with your car, the Bridgestone Winter Driving School is the place to learn.

Driving is a combination of art and sport, and the fastest way to master the challenge is with good coaching, practice and dedication. Moreover, whether you are a good or bad driver can mean life or death for you, your family and those around you. If you have the dedication to improve your skill level, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We have the best coaches and facilities in the business.

The Bridgestone Winter Driving School is the real deal – no skid cars that randomly lose traction, no instructor pulling on a handbrake to simulate skids in a parking lot. Patterned after the great ice driving schools of Europe, our driving school is the only one of its kind in North America. Whether you are interested in learning the fundamentals of winter driving, or are looking for an introduction to performance rally techniques, we offer a driver training program to suit your needs. Over the past 30+ years, more than 83,000 participants have graduated from our school.

Our clients range in age from 15 to 87. In addition to everyday drivers looking to improve their skill level, many corporations send employees to the Bridgestone Winter Driving School as part of their risk reduction and driver safety programs. Law enforcement officers from more than 20 states have attended, as have groups from the Secret Service and the FBI. Additionally, professional racing drivers use our school to train for race events. Whatever your goal, we will help you reach your full potential.

Facilities. Our three specially-designed, purpose-built ice and snow covered tracks in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado are unique and will challenge drivers of all skill levels. Each track offers elevation changes, banked and off-camber turns and numerous surface (traction) changes.

Coaches. Our instructors are driving professionals with a wide range of experience including Performance Rally, Autocross, Touring Car, Pro Solo, Firehawk, World Challenge, Formula Ford Championship Series, Formula 2000, hill climbing, ice racing, vintage road racing, stock car racing, and precision driving.

Our Cars. Toyota is the official supplier of vehicles for the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. We are proud to offer a variety of cars, each equipped with Bridgestone Blizzak tires for the optimal combination of safety and performance techniques. We specifically do not use hydraulic ‘skid-cars’ or other artificial methods of inducing skids or mimicking a low-traction surface. All our cars are mechanically unmodified, and all our surfaces are genuinely frozen water and snow.

We have been featured on ABC News, Better Homes & Gardens, CNN, Denver Life, Good Morning America, HDTV, Men’s Health, Motor Trend, MSNBC, Nightline, Real Simple, Ski Magazine, Steamboat Magazine, The Today Show, The Weather Channel, as well as dozens of newspapers and radio shows across the country.

“It was great to have the opportunity to get on a course with adverse conditions to test and improve our skills.”