First Gear and Second Gear, our winter driving safety classes, focus on the everyday driver who wants to better negotiate snowy and icy roads. These classes teach you how to cope with slick surfaces during your daily driving routine.

Our one and two-day performance driving classes, Third, Fourth and Fifth Gear, are for the person who loves to drive or whose job requires performance driving. Whether you are an enthusiast, an aspiring racer or a current professional, our performance driving school will teach you proactive ways to make your car do what you want it to do in any given situation. You will develop the skills to make your car understeer or oversteer at will, and learn a variety of rally racing tricks and techniques to control your car at the grip limit. If you regard your vehicle as more than just a method of transport, our performance driving school is for you.

We also can create single and multi-day custom driving courses to suit your particular needs.