“SMART WINTER DRIVING: what every driver should know” is a 24-minute, state-of-the-art instructional video which teaches the skills and techniques required to become a more competent winter driver.

Winter driving is one of the most challenging driving situations that most drivers ever face. If you can learn to drive well in winter’s worst, every other driving condition seems mild by comparison. Driving on low grip surfaces magnifies the driver’s mistakes, so learning proper technique and execution are paramount in winter conditions. Likewise, good technique is rewarded by avoiding “white knuckle” moments and thereby achieving stress free winter travel.

Like any sport, winter driving requires training, practice and suitable equipment. “I consider ‘SMART WINTER DRIVING: what every driver should know’ part of the necessary training,” said Executive Producer Mark Cox.

Learn about vehicle preparation, steering techniques, normal and emergency braking situations, skid control (oversteer and understeer), cornering control, acceleration, weight transfer, accident avoidance and more.

This video, shot entirely at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School’s signature snow and ice courses in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is perfect for anyone seeking to travel safely on snow, ice or in any situation when traction is lost.

The Bridgestone Winter Driving School team has been the first and foremost organization teaching safe winter driving techniques in real winter driving conditions continuously since 1983. Students, from new drivers to racing professionals, increase their competence and confidence using our techniques and the latest products from title sponsor Bridgestone and associate sponsor Toyota.


SMART WINTER DRIVING: what every driver should know from Bridgestone Winter Driving on Vimeo.